Welcome to Reed City Middle School!

Here at RCMS, we are committed to challenging students and staff to reach their highest potential by promoting academic excellence, nurturing positive self-esteem, and reinforcing responsible behavior.

We promote academic excellence by focusing on learning. The middle years are the perfect time to acquire how to learn. We take a true middle school approach: we encourage students to try many different exploration classes, work in grade-level teams, promote movement for students and provide opportunities for engagement by processing information peers. We offer class periods during the day for students to have the opportunity to explore different topics or get extra help on subject areas.

We encourage a growth mindset. Now is the time to learn from mistakes, continue to grow and believe that it may be difficult, but you just aren’t there, will be if you continue to TRY.

Reed City Middle School utilizes a family approach. Our teachers are each other's work family and our students are our school family. Then we have teams within that family, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Within those teams, we have homerooms, where students can build a small group relationship with their teachers and classmates. The teams focus on student's needs and identify areas of strengths and concerns for each grade level.

From the beginning of 6th grade to leaving at the end of 8th grade, students change so much. In fact, it is the second-largest period of growth development in one’s life. Although it is only 3 grades, Middle School is a pivotal time in a student's life and the RCMS family is here to support and guide our students to be successful in all areas of their life.